Brightness: This song is very special to me.  It was written straight to the LORD.  During the writing process I had been thinking about how the Church is affected by the Saviour.  When Jesus is in us, then what comes out of us will be Him.  We are hid in Christ..our lives are His.  My friend Nathan added a bunch to the original acoustic guitar track.  He did a splendid job.

Abba Father: This is by far one of my most favorite recordings.  Nathan wrote this song, and I just added the vocal harmony.  “Abba Father” is my heart’s cry…I hope it becomes yours too.

Awesome Fire:  This song was written during a hard time at the church I attend.  At the time, I had been getting discouraged at  how the people were treating one another.  There is freedom and liberty in Jesus Christ.  I quite enjoy how the gospel is so present in this song.  Nothing is to much much for our awesome God.    Again, I sent a single guitar track to Nathan and he worked his musical ability on it.  The ending is the best…
Hannah’s song:  This song was a birthday present to a very dear friend.  Played for about an hour with it, and then sent it her way.  It is purely acoustic(my first ever).  It ends with a Scripture that is very dear to my heart:  Jer.29:11-13.
Walk Through the Desert:  This is one of the first songs I ever wrote…that I kept(o;  It is based off of Psalm 27.  This is also one of the only original songs that I have ever performed.  Nathan is also on this track.  (o:
The Leper:  Nathan wrote this song.  He asked me to put some vocals to it..and it took me forever…for some reason I just couldn’t get a good harmony going…and then(after the 100th try) I got something.  I love this story.  Jesus is so lovely for healing that leper.  I was a leper once(not literally), and Jesus healed me when I came to Him.  He can heal you too.  You can read about the leper in Matthew 8:1-3.

{words and music copywrite by me(or nathan) }

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