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last summer.
goodbye this one.
love was made.



editing this wedding.
 husband took 1 & 2.
 i took 3.
he is teaching me more about photography every day.
 his camera is full of black and white film.
 expectation and excitement.
i love my husband.
 he is such a gift.
and the Creator of light?
 what a blessing to my soul.


i am a wife.
He is my husband.

i love him.


free lens.

and all the paintings said ‘red’.

I sat down to write a post about love letters, because I wrote one to Nat. It is nice and long and sealed with a lick. Lately, we have been playing stupid highschool games on the phone(like 20 questions) and I kind of like it. I have also been thinking about photography today, and how I want to be a better photographer. I want to work on my depth  of field stuff. I really want to be a good photographer. Set apart from the other 1.5 million girls who own a good camera. I had bought a camera right when the boom was beginning. Now it is full blown, and there are a lot more people who own a Nikon or Canon. I am starving. I’ve barely eaten anything all day. Mostly I’ve been working on my computer science homework, and thinking of writing…my journal is at Nat’s house right now, so writing has been hard. He got me into this moleskin habit, and now I can only write in my moleskin. My goodness. This probably isn’t good. He also has me noticing every single ampersand I come across. Without even trying. This is what being in love looks like.
Your fiance is a nerd(you are the cutest nerd in the world though honey)? You become a nerd. So watch out. [; I’m beginning to think in HTML again. O my goodness. O MY GOODNESS.
I’m going to be a good artist. I have decided.
A damn good artist.
I better end this before I get carried away.

Lazy afternoon.


i believe my kitchen will look something like this↑


This was in my e-mail this afternoon. From Nat:

no words.


this made my heart smile.
God makes beautiful faces.