by alittlelove

I am making bread for the first time in my new house as a new wife.
This is most exciting for me. Drinking iced coffee out of my new anthro mug listening to mumford per the husband. I am very thankful. I’ve been thankful and thinkful all week long. It has been a splendid experience. Who ever knew that being married would be so peaceful and and so graceful. I love mornings. They are everything I thought they would be and more. We have this ridiculous idea that dreams are better than reality, but I can say with my whole heart that my reality is better than my dreams. Life is freedom. I love working together with another person. Another person brings joy. Plus Christ is pure elation full of cherry blossoms. Metaphors are the only thing I know to explain how I feel now. Making bread is the expression of my heart.

I am fully enjoying life.