by alittlelove

I gave myself until 11:30 to write. Now I only have 6 minutes to finish this smallish blurb.
Read a bit of Bell today & God’s devotion book, whatever you want to call it.
Marriage counseling has been so inspiring. Nat & I are making a life together. This is really cool, and super surreal. That is probably the best word to describe right now, this moment, this year :


Just last year it feels like I was 6 years old playing ‘fairies’ and running away from the wind monster. I am getting married next month. Where did the time go? I cannot wrap my mind around..around this love…around my God…around life. Still life exists around me & bouncing sound waves hit buildings and faces and buses make noise and then..we all sit by the river. Bury me by a river. That is where I would like to be planted. I should be planning a wedding now though, not a funeral.

This week Nat has become more of my best friend. Sometimes I feel like we are still six years old and playing in the dirt. I don’t ever want to forget this feeling.