‘Millions of people have thought up millions of ideas that have helped millions of people, and still we are thinking up more ideas.’

by alittlelove

Last night I went to bed feeling quite terrible. This morning I woke up inspired with a bunch of new ideas bouncing around in my head. So, I began to try to accomplish these ideas, still sick. Still a bit tired.
I got a new line hanging up in my room. This one holds dried floral bouquets that are dear to my heart, and veils that are waiting to be photographed. I also made two very large, very nice looking loaves of bread. Using my kitchen aid is quite fun, and I didn’t realize how much I missed cooking. Then I made Nat some lunch and drove over to meet him at school. On my drive though, I started to recognize my weary soul and I began to think that maybe I pushed myself over the edge, being sick and all. Nathan so sweetly ate lunch with me , and then walked me to my car, and THEN drove me to the bank so I could get my rent. He is forever the sweetest man. I love him.

I made it home, very wearily though.
Now I am thinking, how many times we do this in our spiritual life? Honestly, a lot of us are very weary. Not because God has used us too much, but because we give and give and give past our point, and we can’t really recognize what our ‘point’ is. Just like this morning, when I woke up with a bunch of cool new ideas, and then halfway through I thought, ‘o no’…we do this same thing with being a Christ follower. Millions of people have thought up millions of ideas that have helped millions of people, and still we are thinking up more ideas. When you are tired, don’t push yourself over the edge. Unless God is specifically telling you to be involved in this and that, take a break. A lot of times we force ourselves to ‘get involved’ when really, Jesus just wants to be involved in our lives. Spend some time cultivating your relationship with Him if you feel drained. He is the only One who is going to fill you up. Nothing you can do can make you better. Only Jesus.

My life is my ministry. It isn’t all the ideas I come up with an accomplish, it is the simple living and breathing do what God tells me to do. If I get to crazy, then I will eventually burn out. So, this is just a reminder to all of you. Your life is your ministry. How you live should reflect Jesus and glorify the Father, it shouldn’t burn you out. Maybe its time to rethink things if you get burned out a lot. Live a refreshing life.