by alittlelove

Think about it.
I am. Right now.
If anything is worth anything it is Love.
Not just the ‘cute crush i think he is hot and has a nice butt’ kind of love. A lot of loves start this way, some work, some don’t. The thing is. I believe love comes from one source, Love. And maybe we spend too much time on the internet to actually realize what love feels like or what Love is trying to do for us with us inside us. And maybe we just pay too much attention to love without actually admitting glory to the source. It’s kind of like saying there is light without acknowledging the One who made light. Why am I writing this?

One reason.
To describe what Love is in my life.

I didn’t believe in it when I was younger. I figured I would get married and have some children and a happy life, but love, that was a rather foreign thing to me. God is love. Blunt. I know, but you cannot get around this fact. No matter how hard you try. You can try, but then your sister will remind you during a conversation in her bedroom that if you don’t love, then you are in fact sinning. James. James talked about it a lot. Loving your brother. Loving your wife. Loving your husband. It was then that I realized I had no choice but to love, or I would die. So then began my journey of trust. Without trust you cannot have love. So I began to trust God more than I had before, and then in turn, this insane blushing love thing started to grow inside of me. I fell in love with God.

Then enters a boy.
He was younger than me, wrote music, and always quoted Bible verses in his e-mails. I did not love him at first. Well, brother love, but not passion love. C.S. Lewis would be better at describing this love, but you’ll have to explore that for yourselves. This boy wrote me e-mails that made me want to love God more. A little note: I loved God A LOT. This boy seemed to be more passionate than I. At least, passionate in life. We went on a 3 year journey of becoming very kindred spirits. He helped me through many of my struggles, and always reminded me to keep pushing on in this walk with Love. Loving the One who really deserved our love. A little plant began to grow within this heart of mine, and it seemed to have a heap of joy poured onto it when I moved. Now the boy and I were in the same town. It took a few awkward months(which I will leave unwritten at the moment) for him to actually tell me that he was interested in loving me. He didn’t say it just like that, but I believe this is a good definition of being in a relationship. I have watched this boy grow into a gorgeous man over the course of one year. We have had brutal things happen in our relationship. Things that I do not wish on others, but they had to happen. My most joyful moments have been with him. In the car, on the mountain, in the woods, in a restaurant, in the recording studio, stargazing, photo taking, dancing, God be glorified forever moments.

You can tell me that soul mates don’t exist, but I won’t believe you. I have found mine.
This boy turned man has fallen in love with a girl turned woman.
This girl turned woman has fallen in love with this boy turned man.
I have found my soul mate.

He reminds me to stay grounded and to not get offended easily. He is quiet and calm in time of conflict, and he has never once raised his voice at me. I would not be the same woman I am today without him. I feel so amazed that the Creator of the world would bless me with this man. He is funny and joyful. I am confident that he will be a delightful father. And the best of husbands. Every woman must say this, but I am sure. He will make the best husband. He  is my best friend.

So love is not something that we have won, but rather something that we have been gifted with. We are equipped with the ability to love one another in the most abundant and beautiful ways. And we have been equipped by Love to love Him in the most glorious way possible.
So, if anything ever made any sense?

It is love.