Back home.

by alittlelove

Top 10 things about being back home:

1. I get to spend copious amounts of time with my little brother. Score.

2. I get to do the chicken chores. And although you might be thinking, ‘what the heck?’, I’ve been wanting my own chickens for a while. This is definitely a huge plus. I really do enjoy collecting eggs wholeheartedly.

3. I get to make lunch for my sisters before they head off to school. It is rather fun. I kind of miss the whole cooking thing, so this is good restorative therapy for my culinary deprived heart. It’s true.

4. I get to design whatever I want, at any time I want, wherever I want. Yeah, which means I can draw pictures of wedding things at 6 a.m. uninterrupted.

5. By far this has been the best thing that has happened since I’ve been back home: I am finally getting back into my mornings with the Lord. Best thing hands down. Creativity is running through my mind like blood runs through your veins. This is good.

6. I am finally opening my online shop. It is going to happen this month. Pom&Tulle. I am stoked.

7. I get to wear my sister’s clothes.

8. I can buy my brother slurpees. He actually really likes this. I don’t really like putting high fructose corn syrup into his body, but I can’t help it. Slurpees were a HUGE part of my childhood. I think the tradition should reign on. Corn syrup and all. All in moderation right?

9. I end up reading books like The Hunger Games. Then I get hooked. Then I’m pretty much Katniss in all of my dreams. WHAT IS GOING ON? (:

10. Vision. Spiritual vision has become clearer.

And these are the 10 things I hate the most about being away from my home back home:

1.I miss Nat. All the time. When I am sleeping. When I am eating. When I am writing. When I am talking with him on the phone….you get the idea (;

2. Having no Trader Joe’s within a 10 mile radius. How am I supposed to live!?

3. Loosing my underwear. It is pretty easy to do this here.

4. Gas prices. This one doesn’t really count though, because I’m sure they are pretty similar to the ones back home. Bleh.

5. Missing Nat.

6. No Five Guys Burger & Fries.

7. Chicken poop. Well, not really, it doesn’t bother me…but I am running out of good things to hate….

8. Missing Nat.

9. Missing Nat.

10. Missing Nat.

Yeah. ♥