by alittlelove

The sun is shining right this minute. Nathan is studying for his midterm. I am thinking about my past few weeks. Trying to sum everything up lately. I have not been the beez kneez . Struggling with joy and missing my family and such. Struggling with writing music. God is helping me though. I love Him. God is good. He pours out so much grace on His daughter. I feel so small to even be called such a title. Daughter of the King. What? Who made me that? O yeah. Jesus did. O my goodness. Such a good God.

I worked this morning. It was a nice short 5 hour shift and then I went to church with Nat and his family. Super calm this morning and I got to make a spice cake + cream cheese frosting. When I went into the kitchen this morning, I was thinking about shoes and how I didn’t want that many pairs anymore. So I might do a shoe giveaway soon. To all my girlfriends(and women who read this blog) who love shoes, this will be your place the next few months. ❤
I’ve been wanting to simplify, and maybe it’s my boyfriend who is rubbing off on me, or maybe it is my sister bell, or maybe it’s me just wanting to have less. I want to make this happen though. So. Clothes.Shoes.Hair things. I want to be rid of a lot of it.

I am having a good day today.
The Light outshines the darkness so much.
Praise God for His all consuming love.