to bellis.

by alittlelove

My sister Bell is the best writer in the entire world. I am sure of it. Because she is real when she writes. Remember the part in Little Women where Mr.Bhaer tells Joe to write from her heart? Bell does that. I just spent the past hour or so reading her work and looking at photos of the president and his wife and wondering. I wonder what their marriage is like. I wonder if they are happy and content. They look it[sometimes]. Bell taught me that you are no longer supposed to double space when you write on the computer. It is very hard for me not to double space. I was also pondering contentment. Contentment in my life. What does it look like. Hm. Nathan came and saw me during my 10 minute break this morning. We sat together on the wet curb drinking tea. He gave me his jacket. It was nice to see him. It was almost perfect weather today. Not necessarily perfect ‘sun’ weather, but it was warm and overcast and just the right amount of sun was peaking out through the dark clouds. Nathan and I sat there, chatting about our mornings and all of the sudden it began to rain. The perfect kind of rain though. My favourite kind. I interuptted our conversation with a ‘this is my favourite kind if rain honey. not pouring rain..but just starting to rain..’. The arrival of a storm. I was content then. Before we parted, Nathan prayed for me. He is quite handsome when he prays. I will say, Nathan is 100% more handsome today, then he was last April. I fall in love with him over again every single day. That is the truth. Which brings me back to contentment. I sat and starred at my blog for a while. It isn’t quite what I wanted it to look like, but it is what I have. So learning to love what you have, and being able to utilize that has been a giant thing on my heart. Loving the seasons, the people, the memories, the newness, the flowers, the day. Every day is a new day in which you can become content and full. All I really want lately is fullness in God. What does that even mean? I keep asking for God’s fullness in my life, and I don’t even really know what that means. Holy Spirit prayers are the most beautiful things. The Holy Spirit is good. Way good. I don’t even fully understand how He works, but He has been doing exciting things in my life. The gifts of God are good. That, my friends, is very exciting. All this to say:
Bell is the most inspiring writer of all.