by alittlelove


Nat and I are at Vero right now.
He was nice and ordered my coffee for me while I was in the ladies’ room.
Small soy dirty chai.
It is my favourite.
Freezing rain outside.
I want summer.
Very true.
I get my wisdom teeth pulled on thursday.  I’m pretty nervous.
I am wearing my golden shoes.  I decided I would wear my golden shoes when I get my wisdom pulled.
It is quite an ordeal getting your wisdom pulled out.
3 veils finished.  12 more to go I think.  Then I can release the line.
Thinking about Africa this spring.
Trying to help Nathan with his algorithms .
He is super stubborn…but I am more stubborn.
Have the mind of Christ.
That is what I read this morning in Philippians.  I was super blessed. Not just ‘blessed’, but super blessed.
Blessed God of the universe that makes beautiful women and freezing rain.  He is so diverse.
I do miss summer though.
And iced tea.
Sometimes coffee is better than sweet tea though.
So that is okay.