by alittlelove


I am at the beach. On holiday. It is nice.
I miss my boy though. We have been apart for about 2 days. I am here with all the women of the family and their cousin Hakim. Although I do love to be with all of these amazing ladies, I much wish Nat was here. I miss him so.
He comes tonight. I am so excited.
I am in love.
Also, God is so good. I am so amazed by Him. By the skies. By the sea. By the light He creates. Beautiful God is He.
This year will bring love and joy. I have to decided to do everything that I’ve ever wanted to do this year. I shall work hard, have heart, and breath life to everyone the life that I posses. I am so happy.

Right now though, I am happiest that I get to see my man in a couple of hours.