by alittlelove

Dear La.

I’m in the kitchen drinking sweet tea and chai tea and not writing my essay. I got half of it done. I am tired of it now. You can only say genetic so many times. And besides, I ran out of Jon Foreman songs to play. Isn’t that enough excuse to stop?

I thought since Mandy is complaining about you not blogging and she’s tired of seeing the yarrow post, I would help you out and hack you. Aren’t I sweet? I also took the privilege of hacking your and your boyfriend’s blog. I am totally winning at life just so you know. You should probably up the security on these things.

I need you to come see me for three reasons.

1. My blog needs help. I cannot figure out how to make the posts bigger.

2. I need the alternate ending to jar.

3. I still have a lack of ukulele skills. What’s a Csomething9something? Or maybe it was a 7 not a 9.

4. I miss you.

Oh wait, was that four reasons? Like I said, you should come see me and I’m winning at life. And besides, Mandy and I have no one to sing “You’re so vain” to anymore.

I should probably go though. I have to read twenty pages for my communications class and practice my French. I also have to draw this new font I’m crazy about, read some Jane Eyre, and sketch little birds. It’s a surprise thing. Someone special‘s birthday is coming up. I know exactly what I’m getting her.

But like I said, number 4.

I miss you.

Votre flower.