photo me.

by alittlelove

I’ve been taking pictures of children that did not make it and funerals.
Never in a million years did I think I would be doing this.

I’ve been thinking a lot about light lately.
Lights for my new room.
Making light.
Good lighting in photography.
Light that tastes like salt.

And the armor of God.
And how light seeps into my body.
How I close the blinds.
How I am blind.
How I am careless.
How I am angry.

And now.
None of it matters.
Because in the end, what matters is the light that we shed.  I want my steps to be like fairy dust.  Where I step, light is shed.  No matter how dark it is.  Maybe impossible.  Maybe ridiculous.  I’m into doing the impossible though.  My God.  My God, is healing people and planting seeds and delivering and answering prayer.  He is teaching me more about life than ever before.
Never before have I felt God to be more real and living.  In death.  He blows my mind, my white-washed mind, over and over again.

I am thankful to have such a loving God.