playing a show.

by alittlelove

I’ve been gardening all morning.  It feels nice.  To have a day off and just garden.  I kind of wish every day was like this, but it’s not.
I got promoted to 40 hours a week and benefits at work.  This is a blessing.
I can’t wait for the day when I get to stay home with my own kids though, and hopefully not have to go to work.
That is my dream right now.

I have a concert tonight.
I am still working on the set list, but it should be a fun show.  My lovely friend Joanna Dahl is playing with me.  Lots of good stuff.

Today, I really miss Nat.   May I say something?  I really hate gaps.  I hate gaps in between relationships.  It doesn’t feel good at all, and it makes me want to cry.  Such is life though.  September 15th.  That is when I pick him up.  At the moment, I am wishing that I could erase the entire month of August, but August promises to bring good things.   It will go by fast.  That’s what they say at least.

Ok. Brilliant.


Now I go play a show.

This is my life.