by alittlelove

What ifs.

They pollute our everyday lives.

I realized this yesterday.  I was standing in the kitchen at work getting apple juice for somebody, and suddenly I was hit by some sort of ‘what if’ wave of apple juice.

Not really.

I was just hit by something that made me think though.  I ‘what if’ my life a lot.  Do you?
I starting thinking about it.  What if I was rich?  What if I got signed, and I made all my money by singing?  What if I got married?  What if I was a pastor’s wife?  What if I can’t have children?  What if I have too many children?  What if I’m not a good mother?  What if I go blind?  What if I lose my fingers?  What if I get so stressed out that my head pops off?  Does this ever happen to you?  I know it does.

God simply told me right after that to stop ‘what ifing’ things and just to be.
God wants me to just be?  Really?  That’s it?  No superhuman stuff or anything like that?

The night before my ‘applejuice’ experience, I had to go to the mall.  I had a little computer appointment.   Aftereward, I stopped in Vicki’s and immediately I started ‘what ifing’ myself.  What if I had a body like her?  What if I had all this?  What if I was REALLY hot like that model?  I walked out disgusted, because that is probably how most women feel.  They what if themselves because of all the propaganda and pressure to look like a photoshopped model.  What ifs are not worth it, because most of the time they are just lies.  Lies that we like Eve believe.

Being in a relationship with Nat has helped me with my ‘what ifs’.  At the beginning, I was always what ifing things like…what if he doesn’t like my hair?  or what if he thinks I’m boring?  As things progressed, my what ifs changed.  What if we got married?  What if we had to wait a really long time to get married?  What if we broke up?  What if he gets tired of me?  I stopped these what ifs when I started trusting him.  I really trust Nat.  I trust that he isn’t running around with another girl while he is away for 3 months this summer.  I trust that he is still in love with me, even though we are hundreds of miles apart.  I trust him.

Sort of  like how I trust God.

The solution seems like an easy fix, but due to the fact that we are so prone to ‘what ifs’ I think it is going to be a harder venture than we bargained for.  Adam and Eve most likely came up with the first what if.  What if we hadn’t eaten of the tree?  I’m sure that ‘what if’ tortured them for the rest of their lives.  My encouragement to you is to not let these ‘what ifs’ get in the way, and to start REALLY trusting God.  They ruin our lives and make them seem less than they actually are.  Where is your mindset?  Are you thinking about all these things that could have been, or could be?  Are you wasting your life on them?  Because that is what I think ‘what ifs’ are.  They are a waste of time.  So let go of them.  I did.  I’m not going back to what ifs ever again.  All gone.  I live right now..not later, or before.  I live in this day.  This special day that God gave me.  He didn’t give me a gift so I could hope for another gift that might potentially be better.  He wants us to enjoy the new day that He has made.

Just stop.

Stop ‘what ifing’ everything.