la da do da.

by alittlelove

In the process of being busy, I feel like I have left the things I really love.
I love to read, but I hardly ever sit down with a book.  I hardly have time to think about words I read.
I love to knit, but I’ve stopped.  This saddens me.  My needles lay on the table…lonely..projectless.
I love to paint.  Sunsets and trees have been loners lately though.  I have no time to be a friend to them.
I love to bake.  I haven’t made bread in weeks though, and I have failed to make a chocolate cake since I’ve moved to Eugene.

I’ve realized something.
I’m not doing the things I love.
If we don’t do the things we love, we proceed to get stressed out…which in turn makes us grey haired persons on ‘happy’ medication.  We teach ourselves to forget what we love and make busy with things that don’t feed our souls.  We were not designed for this.  The Great Creator had something different in mind I believe.  He made life to be enjoyed, to rejoice in, to delight in.  God is glorified in a life full of thankfulness and joy.

Do the things you love.