by alittlelove

Blueberries.white shirt.white comforter.

Yeah, I like to flirt with danger.

Nat left yesterday.
By far, the worst July 4th I’ve ever had.
More terrible than last year’s ‘leaky trash’ experience.

Today wasn’t to swell.  Parts of it were.  I kept spilling things at work though, and it made me frustrated.  Frustration is not good for the heart.  I felt like crying as I rubbed mayonnaise on 80 pieces of bread.  I also almost burned the meatloaf.  I don’t burn things.  What the heck is wrong with me?
After work was over, I came home and watered.  Everything was okay after that.  I like nature.  A lot.  It calms me down.  Then Lily came and Katie and Michelle and they told me to come over for lunch.  That made me feel loved.

So I went, and I brought my camera.  It felt nice to take pictures.  And then to come home and edit them.  That was fun.
While my dear is gone this summer, I am going to fill my time with little projects.
Things that I’ve wanted to do, but have never done.  My life will be full of these things.  I am determined.  Determined.
That is my middle name.

ria. freckles have come out to say hello to their friend the sun.  o joy.