Hacked by a peony.

by alittlelove

So. Hi. Bonjour. That’s how you say Hi in French.

I am hacking you.

Sometimes I think you leave yourself logged in here whenever you come to visit just so I can do it when you leave. Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t.

I have been painting all morning. Cute little pink cards that are thank yous. They are sweet. I made bread too. It’s called Farl. And it’s British.

This morning I had earl grey tea while I read some of my Jeremiah. I put too much honey in it though and it made me feel sick. I just thought you should know that.

I thought about the land of milk & honey today. What would we do if there was too much milk and honey there? Would it not be as sweet? Too sweet? I don’t really like honey. But I like milk. I guess God knows. I thought about that too. God knowing everything. That’s pretty darn amazing.

Yesterday it was hot. So I sat in the bathtub with my clothes on and read Little Women and cried. You can think I’m weird if you want, crying and reading in the bathtub. But the porcelain is really cold. And reading is just better that way.

I miss you. Tu me manques. That’s how you say I miss you in French.

Go read in your shower. Or tub. Or whatever. I need to find you a copy of Little Women.

Oh. And we need matching shoes like in this picture.

That is all. Okay, bye, je t’aime.

Your flower.