goodmorning too.

by alittlelove

I can hear the little children next door playing with each other.  I think it is sweet.
Work is over, and I feel like I have had an extremely long(but productive) day.  I am sitting in the hammock swing, toasted bagel and an orange cream smoothie at my feet.  The sun is setting.  Joy.  A perfect ending for this day.

I cut my hair today.  It turned out quite nice.  It has lots of layers and I have some  bangs now.  I thought it would be good to make a nice first impression on mr.summer.

I miss my family.  I visited them last weekend, and I came home to a big house all by myself.  This morning I didn’t want to get up.  There wasn’t going to be anyone to say goodmorning to.  Just myself, and the squirrels that hide in the tall trees.  The ones in the backyard.  I got my butt out of bed though, and made myself eat some grapenuts and read some Bible and not be a sulky child.  Then I went for a run and played in the garden a bit.  I felt better after that.  Natalie came to visit me too.  That was sweet of her.  It was nice to talk to her.  Sometimes I feel isolated from everyone else, because I work so much.  I think it is because I am selfish though.  Sometimes I just don’t want to go to social gatherings or drive to a friend’s house or some prayer meeting that is somewhere I’ve never been.  It’s me.  I don’t like this side of me.  Jesus change it.  Even if I’m tired, I still want to give to my family and friends.  I’ve decided to stop making excuses and start getting involved.  I would like Eugene to know who I am by the time this summer is up.  This summer is for giving of myself.  Just like Jesus, who gave himself.
Radical, passionate, and prayerful.

Good day summer.  It is nice to meet you.