to the sea.

by alittlelove

My wisdom teeth are coming in, and I have red shoes on.
I miss my Nat.
I have to drive home today.
It was Bellis’s birthday this weekend…and Fathers day.
I had a lovely time.
I like the sunshine.  I am glad it is summer.  My skin is changing colours.
Mandy and I went to the beach the other day.  We sat on top of the cliff looking at the sparkling sea and I thought.
We watched as this little group of middle aged couples marched up the hill, took some facebook pictures of themselves, shot a few photos of the sea, and then left.  All in 10 min.  Not once did they stop and quiet down and just look at the sea.  It made me sad.
I never want to be like that.
What are we if we can’t soak in beauty the way we were meant to?  It is go go and take a few photos here and a few there, but don’t stop, keep going…more to see..more to do.
My mind can hardly grasp the sea…how did God make it?  why did He make it so large?  why do seagulls love it so much?  why does the tide do this and that?  what is the lifespan of a starfish?
We don’t care about these things anymore.
We just care about the way our hair blows in the wind so we can take a mediocre picture that we can post to our profile so the world of cyberspace can see us.
Not the sea.
Just us.
What have we come to?