by alittlelove

Mandy is in the kitchen right now kneading dough for cinnamon rolls.
It is 11:14 at night.
Why the heck are we making cinnamon rolls right now?
We are both tuckered out.  We agreed that we make each other tired.
We walked to the park and took some photos.  Nice photos.  I am glad it is summer.  I am glad to have my camera.  I am glad about a lot of things.
Red doors are beginning to fling open like crazy.  I don’t get it.
Good things.  Really good things have been happening to me lately.  I feel abundantly blessed.  God is so good to me.
We went to Ekklesia tonight.  It was fantastic, and for a split second I felt like I was in Bible school again..when the preacher started listing off verses that state that Jesus is God.  It was euphoric.  I miss having time to just sit down and study the Bible.  I miss it.  I think the LORD may be bringing a second wind of that.  I feel as if I’m at the threshold of something insanely good.  Standing on the precipice with the wind to my back and a smile on my face.  It still hasn’t quite caught me yet, this whole new mess of things.  I can hardly believe them, even when I am in the midst of them.  Grace.  I live a life that is meant to be lived.  In the Spirit…In Christ…full of life.
If I were a butterfly, I would most certainly be red.