by alittlelove

Frozen peas.
Louis Armstrong.
I think Nat told me that God probably sounds like him.  He probably does…and a million other thrilling voices too.
I’m sick.  It sucks.
When I got home from work all I wanted to do was fall into my bed and moan because of my hurting body.
I made myself make myself some food though.  I invented a new recipe for oolalafood.com.
I’m pretty excited about it.  I made a mess with cornmeal and took pictures.  I haven’t really had time to play with my camera lately, so it was nice.  O man, my home smells really nice right now…I am so excited to eat this creation.
I’ve been thinking a lot about selfishness lately.  I’m really selfish.  I was born selfish.  Selfish could be my middle name.  God has poured out so much grace on me.  I don’t deserve knowing Him.  I don’t deserve being able to wake up in the morning and praising His name.  He tore the wall the down.  For that, my heart speaks only joy.
The more I get my mind to shut up, the better I can hear Him.
I’m learning selflessness.  Nat has been helping me, God has been teaching me, slowly I’ve been learning.
More on that later.
I’m going to go eat food now.
Praise God.  He is good.