by alittlelove

I came home for mother’s day.
I get to spend the entire day with my family.
It started with making pumpkin muffins.
I am so glad to see them…I am glad to wash my face in our good old bath tub..I am glad to talk to my daddy and mamy.
My little brother took me on a walk to the end of the road..just so he could get alone with me.  He hasn’t stopped talking since I’ve been here.
They had just made tea as I walked through the door last night.  Perfect timing.  I asked for some, and my little brother quickly found the biggest mug he could out of the cabinet and poured me some tea himself.
I am glad to get to spend my days off home.
This is good.
God is good.

As I was driving into town I felt the tears coming.
My God is too good to me.
He chooses to bless me when I don’t deserve it.
So much goodness He has bestowed upon me.

It is well with my soul.

you capture my heart over and over again.
Praise you.
I love you.