good friday.

by alittlelove

Just so you all know.
I have a boyfriend now.
He is the sweetest kindest boy I’ve ever know.
He juggles and teaches Spanish and he buys me tulips.
We hold hands and he smiles an awful lot.

Ok.that’s all of that for now.

Tonight we have a birthday party to go to.  My lovely friend Emily is turning 21.  This is exciting.  Really exciting(:
We are going to eat food with lots of friends and then possibly go dancing(but my babe has homework…so i’m not sure about the dancing).

I’ve been thinking a lot about joy.
Where does it come from?  Where does your joy come from?  I’m pretty dang sure mine comes from knowing Jesus.  He is good.  Today is good friday.  You all knew that though.  Or maybe you didn’t.  I was reflecting on what my Saviour did for me this morning.  I opened my eyes and my yellow room was flooded with light.  That is how my heart feels now.  It didn’t use to feel like this.  Not before Bible school, or during Bible school, but years after.  It wasn’t the studying and theology that got to me…it was simplicity and deliverance.  It was the Cross and redemption.  It was the blood.  It was Jesus.  He is very very alive.  I feel Him inside the heart of mine.  He is where my joy comes from.  He is the reason that I can smile at 4:00 in the morning and at 11:00 at night.…sunset.  Death…to…resurrection.   Blessed Son of God is He!  The only One who brings me true joy that iterates in this soul of mine.  He brings light.  Light!
O wonderful blessed LORD.
My heart rejoices in life.
In the life that only He brings.

What are you living?
The life you want to live?  Or the life He wants to give you?

Praise the name of Jesus.