my heart.

by alittlelove

Friends write sad poetry and hard things.  It invades my soul.  I feel sorrow for them.  Once, I was a sad poet.  Not anymore.  Undeveloped hearts and affection.  I rid myself of doubt and trying, and replace it with faith and crying out to God.  He is after all the most perfect and good thing, so why want we anything else?  Why do we cling to one another?  For fear of being alone? But we are not alone.  Not even in our sleep.  God is with us.  When I go to sleep He is with me, when I wake in the morning He is with me.  As the sun peaks up over the edge of the valley He is there…and in the stars…and in the air.  I am not alone.  Why sorrow?  Because I am separated from my Love.  The One Love who is good and true and faithful and never leaving.
Let love be like a living thing being born of nothing.  Growing takes time.

There is much joy in my heart tonight though.  Joy I have not experienced before.  Joy that feels like an explosion in my soul.
So why do you try and steal it?