i am not my own.

by alittlelove

I am a simple being.
God has been teaching me that.
I should not complicate things.  Just take them simply for what they are.  Don’t worry, don’t eat anxious bread. Be filled with the Spirit.  Spirit filled things are beautiful and so uncomplicated.  Friendships are better uncomplicated and pure.  My heart is better fixed on Christ when I spend time alone with Him.  Time with Him not because I have to, but because I want to.  I want to spend time with my Saviour.  That should be my heart.  Always.  Does Jesus have your heart completely?  Or are we just fooling around with Him?  Words like ‘legalism’ and ‘lukewarm’ and ‘lonely’ invade my mind lately.  Why do we let these things into our hearts? It destroys them.  We tell people that they are going to hell without Jesus.  What do we really think of hell?  Are we just saying this and that because we were taught that when we were younger, or do we really believe it?  Do we really believe in the deliverance of a loving living Saviour?  Do we believe in the power of prayer?  Is the Spirit alive and living IN you?

Silent cynicism will kill you.

We believe in this Jesus.  The same Jesus that healed countless people.  The One who raised from the dead.  The One who makes us new.  Is He making you new?  Really?  We all have doubts, but it is the doubts that we choose to let sit in our hearts that slowly wreak havoc on our souls.
Don’t preach about hell unless you really understand what it is.  Unless your heart is really broken for the people who are headed there.  I may be a little late in this, because I was the person that shoved tracts about hell and condemnation into people’s faces.  It was me.  I was wrong.  I know that now.  I can tell you from experience that half the time I didn’t even care about the person who was taking the tract.  I was just doing my duty.  Jehovah has given us an important job to do, and it is more than telling people that they are going to burn in hell.  We must love before we deliver such a hard and terrible announcement.

We condemn the homosexual and the occultist and the serial killer and the sexual abuser and the atheist and the homeless man without even knowing it.
We all deserve hell.
Redemption is a bigger picture though.
It is more than being delivered from a life in hell.
It is a whole new life.
It is Jesus taking over and love flooding every single part of us.

This is a hard word I know.
I pray you might hear it though.
I pray you would understand what we have made things to be.
I pray that you would long for Jesus.
I pray that your hearts would be broken for the broken people around you.
I pray that you would let Jesus radically take over your life.

I pray these things with a loving and passionate heart.