by alittlelove

I had a really nice afternoon.
Things were hard and busy at work.
I love my new job.  REALLY love my new job.
It does make me tired though.
I have chinks in my hands
but hey, I have a good job.

Anyway, Nat met me after work and we walked some trails that lace around this nice park.  We talked about our days.  I had a really nice time.

I’ve been craving egg salad.

So after our little walk we drove to the grocery store and bought a nice loaf of warm french bread, 1 dozen eggs, and a jar a mayonnaise(because I didn’t feel like making it).
Then we went home and made tea and boiled eggs and I was happy.
Just simply happy.

We are working on a new song.
‘Titus&the whale’ it will be called.
Or so I think it should be called.


I have the day off tomorrow.  That means I get to make bread and go grocery shopping.  Anyone want to come with me to the store?  I’m sure to buy lemons babe.