‘you make beautiful things’

by alittlelove

Last night Natalie and I sat on the end of her bed drinking tea.  We talked about some very sweet things.some very hard things.and some very funny things.  We also each had eaten a box of lemon heads on the drive home.  Sugar induced or not, it ended up being a good conversation.  I asked her what her perfect him was like.  I’ve been worried about my perfect him lately.  Like, maybe possibly I shouldn’t have a perfect him.  Don’t get me wrong, my perfect him wouldn’t really perfect if I was to meet him in person.  I guess ‘perfect’ is the wrong word.  Maybe ‘ideal’ fits better.  I’ve never been one to make a perfect man up.  I didn’t make lists when I was younger, and if I did, ‘LOVES JESUS’ was always at the very top.  That is all I really cared about.  I think though, as I’ve gotten older, my view has kind of structured a bit.  Some men I could never see myself with, others I could.  Some where like Beatles music, others like Jon Foreman, and others like Jack Johnson.  I could go on, but comparing men to music is well, just plain silly.  Compatibility and honesty is key.  Marriage is work.  It is good though.  God makes good things.  God makes really beautiful things.  I’m pretty sure marriage is one of them.

Natalie told me that her perfect has been changing too, and ultimately, her perfect will be God’s perfect.  Because in reality, God does have a perfect for each of us.  Someone in His mind.  And here we all are sitting on smallish earth worrying if our perfect is really out there.  God’s perfect is out there.  He makes beautiful things out of us.  We are the ones that screw up the beautiful thing.  We cause divorce and destruction.  We cause rush and disaster.  We cause pain and break-ups.

Leave the making beautiful things to the Lord.

I walked out of Natalie’s room sleep pouring from my eyes and heart overflowing with smiles.

Peace has been my companion this morning.