by alittlelove

I had cake for breakfast.
Now I am drinking Christmas time tea.
Today is bound to be odd odd odd.

Last night we had a pretty good show.  I played the uke.  It was nice.
It was a good show.

Natalie just came home with a soy chai for me.  Gosh she is nice.

Yesterday was quite beautiful.  I woke up and made lemon glazed poppy seed cake.  Then I wrapped up a slice in parchment paper and headed down to the marina.  I sat on the ledge overlooking the dock.  Blocking the wind was an old gasoline pump.  It was beautiful and sunny.  The wind chilled my scarf wrapped ears.  Munching on my lemon cake, I sat there for about an hour just listening to the wind and watching the water lap up on the sand.  Over and over.  I prayed a bit.  I have been having trouble praying.  I feel like I have no adequate words to speak to Him.  I don’t like faking my words to Jehovah.  So I whispered a few things to Him.  Then I got cold, and went to sit in my car.  I wrote a bit in my new journal.  Hard words.  Words of doubt.  Words of fear.  Hope laced through those words those.  I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but I am sure it will be beautiful.  Then I fell asleep in my passenger seat still clutching my pen warm sun shining on my face.

This is life.