bread and husbands and valentine’s day.

by alittlelove

There is bread in the oven.
As I type this I can smell it baking.  One loaf just came out…right in went the other one.
I am not ashamed to say that what I did today was make bread.
It isn’t all I did all day, but a big slice(hehe…) of my day was making bread.
Which makes me think about being a wife.
Which makes me want a husband.
But heck, who needs a husband when you have two loaves of fabulous warm homemade bread?

ah…just kidding.

So all this talk about bread is making me think about a husband which in turn makes me think about relationships.
How are your relationships?

Just checking.

It is Valentine’s Day on Monday.
I still don’t have any valentines made.
Why do holidays have to creep up on me like this?
Did you know?  Valentine’s Day is my favourite holiday.  Hands down.…I don’t think I could ask for anything more.  Maybe a hot air balloon.

Okay.I end this here.
Gotta go eat my bread now.