by alittlelove

That was a crazy interview.

Craziest I’ve ever been too, but I’ve only technically been to 2 actual interviews.
I showed up 15 minutes early…walked into the lobby of the restaurant, and there were about 40 others people rushing around filling out applications and trying to get their name on a list.  Regina Spektor played over the loud speakers.  That felt like a good sign.  After we filled out the paperwork, we were all ushered in to sit in the front room of restaurant.  They gave us water and made us wait.  Each person was called by name to go interview.  Quickly in quickly out they went.  Some of the people were loud, others extremely shy and quite.  I think everyone was nervous.  I wasn’t.  I like interviews.  A lot.  I waited two hours before I had my chance to go into the ‘room’ and talk with the ‘people in charge’.  My name was called and I marched forward smiling, red lipstick and yellow scarf, ready to steal their hearts.  I knew I didn’t have as much experience compared to the others in the waiting room, but I could bring them personality.  I smiled.  BIG.  Then I said hello.  I wanted to be the most exciting person in there.  I figured my Italian volume and my nice handshake would get my engrained into their minds.  I hope so.

I hope I get called back for a second interview.
If not.
O well.
Better job must be waiting for me.