what we are hiding.

by alittlelove

The other day I ended up leading devotion at the homeless shelter.
They choose me to do it when the manager is sick…every time…I get nervous, then open the Bible, and God shows me something I haven’t seen before.  I went upstairs to pray a bit, and tried to shake off all the anxiety that I had running through my head.  Speaking to people isn’t the easiest thing for me, but speaking to people about Jesus is even more gut wrenching.  Why?  Because I’m speaking of my LORD, and there are hardly words to adequately contain Him, and what is my mouth to even utter words about my good Saviour?  After a bit of prayer I fell on a Scripture in John 2.  The one about Jesus going into the temple and overthrowing all the money changers.  Jesus, takes a whip and goes crazy.  The word temple kept coming into my head…and then I was reminded of a Scripture in 1 Corinthians 3.  V. 16.  It talks about our bodies being temples.  The puzzle suddenly clicked together.  Our bodies are temples.  Temples that we fill with junk and idols and stuff and lust.  Think about that for a minute.

What is in your temple?

Is it full of garbage and things that don’t please the LORD?  or is it a sweet place for Him to dwell?  He dwells IN you.  So why are we so fickle in keeping our temples clean and pure for Him?
This has so been on my mind.  We try to get rid of our idols by throwing them out, by saying ‘no no. i will not touch you again.’  Our heart isn’t in it though.  I’ve seen so many people[including myself] struggle with things that they consider sinful and a stumbling block to themselves.  So they get rid of those things, but their heart isn’t in it.  They continue to think about that one thing and how they felt when they were attached to that one thing, and they find comfort in that.  Why is your heart so deceitful?  You think you have released yourself of that sin, but friend, the truth is you cannot rid yourself of your sin on your own.  Jesus is the only One who can help you.  If He is so radical about clearing out the physical temple of the Bible, how passionate He must be about cleaning out the temple of your heart.  Do you see what you are doing to your God when you say you have gotten rid of your sin, but you are still day dreaming about it?  We are all whores when it comes to loving Jehovah.  I am a whore.  It is only by the blood of Jesus that I am delivered from that.  It is only by Yeshua that I am clean.
Deal with your heart first.  We can all polish up our surfaces, but the hard part is cleansing our internal parts.  Our temple.
Be holy.
God said that.
What are you willing to do for the Living God?