by alittlelove

What a year it has been.
Everything was so wonderful.
It has been a wonderful year.  Even with all the hardship of my daddy being unemployed and jobs hard to find.  God is still good all the time.

January :
In January I started The Little Orange Tree. My song project.  It is still being updated frequently(I lasted an entire year….I am stoked).  Yesterday I added a cover of “samson” by Regina Spektor.  You should check it out.
I also interviewed Landon Austin.  I really didn’t think he would write me back, but he did, and I totally freaked out.
Then I had chats about life and hope with dear friends.  My hair smelled like raspberries and satin.  And I adopted some freakishly large vintage frames.  Say cheese babe.♥

February :
February I wrote about love a lot.  I became a kickbutt kickbox instructor.  And I was encouraged by the words of an African martyr.  I also did not blog that much.

In March I went photography crazy.  Nathan’s ep came out.  I had holes in my heart.  I loved Lucy.  I was sick a lot.  I began to believe in love again.  Bell and I had deep theological discussions.  It was a good morning and I posted some good quotes. I loved prayer meetings and glen hansard.  Julia Child also taught me how to make a fabulous french chocolate cake.

April :
I found a green dress in April.  I also told a boy that I couldn’t go to lunch with him(because he just wasn’t the right one).  God was amazing.  He always is though.  Then I kissed my brother.  I weptJosiah James made my day.  I dreamed a lot.  I was told to stay single…as long as I could.  I played spies with Nat.  I wrote a letter to all the girls in the world.  I played the best April Fools joke ever.  Had a breakthrough.

May :
May found my seester hilarious.  I went to a tea party.  Then I fell in love with the words that e.e.cummings wrote My heart was heavy.  Had a minor coldplay addiction.  Perfect became not so perfect in my eyes.  I wrote a song for NieNie.  Bell started wearing lipstick.

June :
In June I got fed up with guy/girl relationships.  I got pulled over, and I learned to really love my body.  I went to the ballet.  Then I went to Washington State.  Bell had her birthday, Nat sent me this, and I cried after this.

July :
July I went to RoofTop studio to cut an e.p.  I bought an SLR.  I wrote some poetry, and dressed up as a princess.  I also mowed all the parks..I liked being the cute girl on mowers.

August :
August was wonderful.  Really wonderful.  Skyple blew up with wonderful people.  I wrote this cute letter to my future darling husband.  SALTA took off and we went busking for orphans(and for fun).  Someone shared with me Andrew Bird, and I was hooked on his whistle.  I read through the book of JohnKissingQuotes.

September :
DistractionsButterflies♥  The pursuit of love.  Nat sent me ‘crazy love’ and my brother and I went star gazing.  I started listening to the Peasant Princess series and dreamed about vegan donuts.  I had sweet dreams and read through the book of Genesis.  I did a Jesus study.  Someone left two lamps in the park just for me.  I wrote this post on modesty..I never got more feedback about a post in my life.

October :
October I thought I was going to be glee director, but that fell through.  Nathan made this video which makes me insanely happy every time I watch it.  I changed my oil.  I wrote this poem.  These two made my bad day better.  Wrote more about singleness, and decided to start a food blogSuffered.  Enjoyed Tyrone Wells and decided I want to play at the Q cafe.  Yeshua gave me a sunset.  I waited.

November :
Joy Williams played on the television and I started eating loads of sardines.  Bell and I got stuck in Eugene.  My daddy had his birthday.  More waiting and remembering.  I was broken.  I wanted heaven and a husband.  Mandy found this song.

December :
Life tried to steal my joy.  I wrote about hope.  Funny face+IKea.  ‘O my soul‘ became the anthem of my heart.  I had to go to the doctor’s and I also got stuck in the snow.  I became an [almost] vegan.  I started walking and remembered Russia.  I TURNED 21.  My seesters and Nathan gave me the best birthday gift ever.

I do hope your year was as swell as mine.
God is good.
Merry Christmas.
Happy New year.
and all that other fun stuff.


p.s.my mother is the best mother ever.