what is tied in my hair is hope.

by alittlelove


i am tired.  so tired, but happy.  yesterday i felt like crying because of my face, and then because of rejection, and then because God spoke to me.  out loud spoke to me.  He hasn’t done that in a while.  then i did cry.  tears trickled down the side of my face as i hid in my sheets reading psalms and other pieces of scripture.  i breathed in hard.  tomorrow would be better.  promises from God are good. especially ones that have to do with me being beautiful and greatly desired by the King.

this life is only temporary.

a small piece of what is to come.
and trust me, what is to come is so glorious.
like gold and silver.
it is hope.
hope is coming.

i want my life to be a sweet fragrance to my King.  something beautiful.  nothing rushed.  nothing worried.  i don’t want to end up before Him having worries tied into my hair.
that would not be sweet at all.