by alittlelove

I just got back from IKEA.  I think it is my new favourite store.  Way way way favourite store.  I think going on dates to stores is dorky, but I would go on a million dates in this store.  I came back to the hotel with these adorable tulips mugs.  Six of them.  For when my friends come over.  So far I have a piano, a kitchen aid, and 6 blue tulip mugs.  The LORD is good.  Wonderfully good, and not just because I have all this stuff.  I am overwhelmed.  I am overwhelmed with what God does for His children.  For those who faithfully pursue Him, He will abundantly fill with joy.  And let me tell you, my heart is overflowing.  Even when life is hard, and things seem so dark and unsettling, He will always be there to fill me with joy.  I am so thankful.  I am thankful that I have a wonderful Father in Heaven.  I am thankful for the way He fills me up.  I am thankful that He is pursuing my heart.  Jehovah is lovely.


p.s.you can come over to my house anytime.
to drink tea out of my little tulip mugs with me.