what you did not know about me :

by alittlelove

.  Once upon a time I won first place in a karaoke contest.
. I get distracted by things that make noise.
. I like airplane rides.
. I am terrible at tests.
. I get nervous when I have to go to the doctor's.
. I like staying up late and
watching movies with my seesters.
. I like 'glee'. There, I said it.
. learning HTML is invigorating.
. When I was younger I used to
dance in my room for hours.
. I like bathing..not showering.
. I am horribly shy when it comes
to talking to people about my music.
. Techno is music to my ears.
. I ♥ drummers(they are secretly always my
favourite part of every band and every song).
. I like to sing christmas songs.
. I once almost fell down an escalator.
. I don't do dairy.
. I have lots of vegan friends.  This is wonderful.

i think i will stop there.