go away snow.

by alittlelove

o dear.

Frazzled mess I am.

Today I drove a friend home in the snow.

I got stuck in the snow.

Thankfully, some young men had decided at the very same time that I had gotten myself stuck, that they needed to go to town to get some snacks.

I put my car into park when I realized my car wouldn’t go any farther up the hill.


My stomach dropped.

I opened my door.  My blue bow flats softly hit the snow.

Great.  Perfect snow attire.

I stumbled over to their truck.

‘my car is stuck.’

They laughed.

After 20 minutes of trying to pull the car up and then backing up and gunning my engine until my face turned red, we finally got the car unstuck by going bumper to bumper.  His big truck pushed my little car up the hill and onto the main road.

I so dislike driving in snow.