trailer park changing what i thought before.

by alittlelove

I had a nice walk this morning.  Up the hill twice and back around to home.  Fiction Family pumped into my ears as I walked steadily past the trailer park.  Trash strung all over the side of the icy road.  I stared down the empty streets looking at all the frozen trailers.  Sadness sprung up in my heart.  I thought about Africa.  I have never been to Africa, but I have been to Russia.  A very dark part of Russia.  The buildings crumbling, trash heaps, and drunk men on the side of the road.  I thought about how I’ve always wanted to be an overseas missionary.  I thought about how my heart broke when I wasn’t recommended to go to Africa.

Then I thought about all the hurting people here.

I thought about all the people who live in that trailer park.  I’ve been realizing that we have romanticized overseas missions.  We have somehow created this idea that feeding an African child is better than feeding the old drunk man that wanders around our very own town.

I used to think that.

Wherever you are there will always be needy people.  They may not be starving for food, but what if they are starving for love?  We are called to love those around us.

What if the person next door needs to talk to someone?

What if you could change one persons life by spending a bit of time with them?

Do it.

It will change your life.