by alittlelove

This song makes me smile.
Videos like this make me happy.

I stood in front of the bathroom mirror this morning rubbing the sleep from my eyes.  I heard my brother yell,

ria!!!  i made you breakfast!!‘.

I peaked my head out the bathroom door to see him running down the hallway with a plate in hand.
I glanced down at the plate.
On it sat a little tin of sardines.

I smiled.

He grinned at me.

I exclaimed, ‘o these are my favourite!  thank you!

He looked surprised.


yes.‘ I told him as I peeled the tin lid back.

I’m on a new diet.  For my skin.  Lots of sardines, fish oil, green tea, and water.  I am praying this works.
Who cares if it doesn’t…I like eating sardines.