by alittlelove

My birthday is soon.
2nd of December.
I will be a whopping 21 years of age.
People are starting to ask what I want.
I always have trouble with this.
So I will make a list.
[these things are in no specific order].

1.converse(blue or yellow.  you pick).

2.The Shelter(by jars of clay).

3.A new dress.  Preferably something with lace or ruffles.

4.a Xylophone or a piano.

5.pattern tights are always wonderful.

6.concert tickets.  always concert tickets.

7.pistachio ice cream


9.bubbly water with lemon

10.a walk across a bridge.

11.100 red balloons

12.a song

13.this Van gogh:

14.vintage rings.

15.small NASB Bible.

16.to sing for Jon Foreman.


18.my family.

19.my friends.

20.  use your imagination.