doing dishes.

by alittlelove

Homework done.  Food in the oven.  Today is bound to be a good day.  I’m feeling much better too.  The past few days I’ve been suffering from a horrendous sore throat.  It finally let up this morning.  That makes me happy. is almost ready.  I still have some tweaking to do with the links, but there should be a steady stream of recipes coming in quite soon.  This morning I am making British Flapjacks.  Yeah, they aren’t what you think they are [;

Bell has her placement test today.  Huzzah to her!  She aces like every single test she does.  Yep.  She is smart smart smart.

I get to stay home with my little brother all day.  We will rock the house I am sure.  He has to finish his school first though.

I need  to get some tags designed and printed out by Tuesday.  I go pitch my product to all the little boutiques in town.  I am pretty darn excited about it.  ♥

I painted my nails pink.


I have a secret.