look up.

by alittlelove

The other day, as the sky was turning for the night, it reduced to shades of orange and purple.  I could see it changing as I gazed out my living room window.  A weird feeling came across my heart, and I bolted outside.  I stopped on our little sidewalk that trails up to the front door.  Everything was still.  As I looked up at the colorful mass, with a foreign yearning in my eyes, I wondered what it would be like if the King[Jesus] was coming right then.  A horn tooted a few houses down.  I smiled.  What would it be like if His horns blew, right then?  I stood there paralyzed and breathless.  Yearning.  Wanting heaven.  Then I slowly turned around, and walked back into my house and proceeded to make dinner.

o       how       i    wish    heaven      would     come     .