by alittlelove

I’ve been sitting in front of an empty screen for about 30 minutes now.
Today has been exhausting.
In the midst of this exhausting day though, there was something quite beautiful that clicked in this head of mine.
After dropping Mandy off at her photography class, and Jen off at her SATs, I headed over to one of my favourite coffee shops downtown.  I ordered a medium green tea, then sat down to write in my journal(Bible right next to me).  Johnny Flynn played across the little shop.  In walks a tallish middle aged man with grey hair and a beard.  I didn’t really notice anything different in him until he opened his mouth.  His speech slowed and slurred, hands motioning that he wanted a mocha.  The baristas working knew what he wanted, and quickly made the pretty drink, a heart drawn across the top.  He sat down at the table next to me.  I think he had a newspaper of something…I continued writing.  In walks another older man, in hand a thick purple book.  He smiled as he saw his friend.  He set the book on the table as their hands began to fly..maybe they were talking about their morning, maybe not.  They opened the purple book together.  It looked like a yearbook, on the binding was written something like ‘…school of deafness‘.  Both men were smiling hands flinging this way and that.  I smiled.  I know it is rude to stare, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.  Their language seemed so interesting..I wish I could move my hands in such ways.

I felt a beautiful rush of thought.
I once I sat alone, reading my paper and drinking my coffee.
Communicating with no one quite well.
I was an awkward child.
Then came my Heavenly Father.
And suddenly I could understand.
I was like that lonely deaf man with coffee in hand.
Then my Friend came along.♥
How special is it that our God communicates with us!
O He makes me so happy.