the pursuit.

by alittlelove

I have a little cold now, but that is okay, because I am so happy right now that I’ve been forgetting I even have one.
Yes.  I think that is a good thing too.
Today I will paint.  I haven’t painted in a while.
and I need to study music theory some more.  It is way over my head, but I’m pretty sure you have to keep studying something to make it click. no?

Last night I was sitting in the gym doing my job watching the counter, reading ‘crazy love’, and thinking, all at the same time.  What did that produce?  Well, this overwhelming pleasure inside my heart.  God loves me.  He loves me.  I don’t think it was until this month that I really understood that.  Going to the woman’s retreat and learning that God is relentlessly pursuing my heart was this great revelation to me.  I knew that He was pursuing me, but I didn’t KNOW it.  I didn’t feel it.  Now I do.  It blows my mind how much the LORD does care for me.  Think about it.  This great Living God is pursuing me.


The more I think about it, the more undone I become about it.  The more in love I become with Jesus.  He truly is the sweetest thing in my life.  When I think about all the guys who have tried to pursue me..they were never so much in love with Jesus as I was.  They only wanted me, not Him…and that is where I draw the line.  There is a quote that says this:

a woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man should have to seek him first to find her.

My heart screams this.  The boys don’t seem to care though.
What they need is Jesus.  To love Him.  To adore Him.  Love doesn’t work unless it is planted in soil drenched with Living Water.
Former pursuers never were like Jesus.  They never wanted my heart like He does.
Jesus’ love for me is so much more than any other ‘love’ that I have experienced.
I know when the right man comes along he will be in love with Jesus.  Following hard after Him.  If he knows the love of Christ, then o how much will he be able to love me like Christ loves me.  ♥  It will be a splendid day when the right ‘one’ comes along.