by alittlelove

My little seester, wrote a brilliant post on sampson and delilah.
Well…it was brilliant to me, because I got an epiphany out of  it.
Sampson(the guy who killed a lion, caught 300 foxes and lit their tails on fire destroying the fields around him,killed a whole bunch of people with a donkey jaw…) was a very passionate guy.
Then he met delilah.
He was still passionate,
but everything crumbled.

Something clicked for me when I got to the part about Delilah.

Delilah was like sin.

I started seeing a picture.
Strong man of God does crazy wild things for the LORD.
Then enters delilah.
He should have left her.  sampson should have turned away from delilah, but he didn’t.
He kept loving her.

Isn’t that such a picture of christian life today?  We become on fire for Jesus, and then along comes sin trying to distract us.
It saddens me when believers start to play with sin..because if we aren’t responsible to root it out of our lives, we end up being like sampson.  We end up loving our sin..our delilah.

My challenge to you?
Don’t be a sampson and love delilah.
It will be the death of you.