exposed modesty.

by alittlelove

I guess modesty is an issue.  I say I guess, because that is what I hear from most of my guy friends.

‘Modest is hottest.’

or so they say.

Cleavage is a no no…and shorts skirts? Just REMOVE them from your closet..
I think that is the problem though.  There is so much focus on the rules of wardrobe…and very little focus on the heart.  Because in all truth, modesty is an issue of the heart…not of culture…or fashion is of the heart(♥).
Attention needs to be drawn to the heart.
Women know what attracts men.  Yes.we do.  We know that you adore this neckline of ours.  Some of us choose to flaunt it, others not.  It is always a heart condition though.  When I put on a low cut shirt, I can choose to keep it that way, or I can remedy it.  It all depends on the condition of my heart.  When I walk into a room do I want the guys who occupy it to think, ‘gosh she is dressed nice.’ or do I want their eyes to linger on my chest and legs as they think, ‘wowzers,she’s a hot one yumm.'(or whatever they might think..i cannot tell..i am not in their heads (o:  )
I know what is right.  Sometimes though, I will admit to you, I do not want to be right.  I want to be hot.  I want to be noticed.  I want attention like all the other half-dressed women are getting.  Here is the hard truth, that ‘attention’ is not lovely, or good, or anything that is beautiful.  It is ugly, unholy, and defiled.  Holiness is my pursuit. So why in the world would I even want to dress like a slut?  Because my heart is deceitful and wicked.  It is only by the grace of God that I have a changed heart.  A changed heart that doesn’t want to be a whore.

Modesty is really like a boxing match in the heart.

The issue is not
how tight our clothes are
how low our shirt is.

It is how pure
our heart is.
If Jesus really is her center, she will be modest without even trying.
look for her.
The one who is modest because Jesus has changed her heart.
You will be blessed like me.