in my heart….

by alittlelove

It is way quiet in my house.  My parents went out for a little anniversary dinner.  I think it is year 22{i think} for them.  I am very happy for them.  I’m pretty darn sure they are going to make it to  year 50.

It is quiet..I should probably be recording right now.  In a MINUTE!
I really want to write.
I’m almost done my book of a journal.  (o:  A friend looked at it the other day, and she couldn’t believe how many pages I had filled up with my scrolling handwriting.
I was looking back on some of the entries, and all the prayers that I had written down..the pouring out of my heart to Jesus..most of them had been answered.  Almost all of them.  My heart kind of skipped a beat because of that.  I have been so happy lately, and I don’t even know why…happiness mixed with much sorrow though…sorrow that people around me are hurting and I can’t really help them, all I can do is hug them.

Tonight is skype study.  We are going to talk about heaven and Jesus.  I am pretty much excited.  Heaven(and Jesus) are my favourite topics.  Not because I know a lot about them..the exact opposite really.  It is my favourite because I learn something new every time they are discussed.  The glory of God never ceases to amaze me.

okay..I have to get some recording done now♥