mayo please.

by alittlelove

There is something so insanely pleasurable about walking out of the office after and entire week of work.
I had to go to the dump twice today. Once by myself.
This morning I woke up not wanting to wake up or go to work.
I did not want to drive a load of fish guts to the dump alone, but I did…and I survived. The dump is such a depressing place. I think that is what hell will be like x1000000000(infinity). I liked the picture though. Here I am, this little girl trapesing through this trash heap. In a way, that is just like life. We are living in a trash heap of sin..lust, filth, greed, arrogance, desire, brokenness..we live in a dump. The thing is, I don’t feel part of this dump, because I have Jesus in me. Going to the dump, reminded me of that. So, I am happy that they sent me to the dump alone. Really happy, actually.

Something new I learned about myself:
I am now addicted to mayonnaise. I don’t know if this is a good thing, but I want to eat it on almost everything now. Which is quite odd, because as a child I hated the stuff. I wouldn’t eat my sandwich if it had mayonnaise on it. I guess my tongue has had a change of mind :]

I got to paint at work today.

I think I will now go get my comforter and pillow and fall asleep. I’ve so been looking forward to this nap.