dandilion light.

by alittlelove

The sky is breath taking right now.  Purple clouds enveloped in dandelion and pink colours.  Jehovah makes the best sky.

Life has been hard lately.  That is okay though. I am growing much.  That makes me joyful.

I think I’m catching a cold.
Evaluations at work tomorrow.

I cleaned my car and my room today.  They were both overwhelming me like crazy.  Every time I walked into my room I only felt dread.  I hate feeling that.  So I cleaned it all.  I am happy that I was able to finish it.

I’m going to bed early tonight.  My eyes have been dripping with sleep so much lately.

I dug up my old wedding veils.  I wish I had time to work on them…one day.

I’m listening to my friend Nathaiel’s new album.  I think it is pretty good.
Here is the link for the new album that Nat and I and everyone else so very talented have been working on:


I’m getting a wonderful kick hearing everyone tell me what they think about it.  It makes me happy that people are enjoying it, but I am most happy that Jesus is being glorified through it.  That makes my heart explode like a wildflower.

I sat in the front yard banging on Nat’s drum tonight.

My goodness I adore the sky right now.
My heart is so full like a river.