by alittlelove

I love today.  (minus the scorching hot 8 hours i had to work today).
I’m home now and I am getting ready to go to Eugene tomorrow(after i work another 8 hours).  We are going to start recording the EP.  I am SO excited for this.  I am excited to actually get to make music with nathan and I in the same room.  We’ve written a lot of music..but it has all been over the internet.  I am *fanatitastically excited to do this.  Plus, all you readers will have some quality music to listen to.
So, I was packing.  Put everything into my pink and green tote bag I got from the dollar store.  I think every girl should have a tote bag.  It is seriously important.  I’ve never been one for little bags…mine have always been humongous(because i keep crazy things in spoons and tums and lotion and a russian pocket dictionary..and much more..).
I am happy today.
I wish I had more time to spend with Jesus though.  We have very little sit down time now that I’m working two jobs.  I hate to say that.  I hate having work take place of my time spent with my True Love.  I am very thankful for these jobs that I have, but I would really love to have an occupation in which I can focus more on knowing God.  I think Keith Green spoke about this one time though.  He spoke about how we have our secular lives and then we have our spiritual lives…there is a divide.  That divide should not be there.  I’m going to be honest with you: I have that divide in my life.  I want that divide to be gone so much out of my life though.  Sometimes there is a glimmer of hope that helps me to see what it is like for that divide to be gone.  It is utterly divine.  I wish it would last every hour of the day.  I wish I could just sit at the feet of Jesus.  I wish things in life were not so burdening.  I hope.  I know one day in glory, in perfection, all these things will come to pass.  I can’t wait for the day I see my Jesus.  My heart will touch His heart and I will be with my God forever and ever.  In constant light.  O wonderful day that will be♥

I must finish packing now..then shower..
(o Nickel Creek you make me smile).


*no.that is not a real word.